Process Post 8

This week is all about Google Analytics.

Audience Overview

When opening up Google Analytics, the first thing to pop up was the audience overview. I screen-capped the results from April 9-15. The general consensus was that I get somewhere between 1-2 users a day and quite frankly, I am not surprised. This website is still going under some construction with it’s identity and content that a consistent algorithm has not been constructed. I also haven’t tagged my social media on the website and that is why I feel that my followers and friends have not been able to check out my website. One of the reason’s why I have not tagged my social media on my website is my profile is private and I would rather keep it that way.

User Count

This chart shows me how many users I’ve had on website from April 9th-April 15th. My website tracked 6 users in 6 days. 4 out of the 6 users are new. Between those dates, there were 8 sessions by the 6 users. They all came around the website at least once. The pages on my website were viewed about 30 times and each user looks at least 3 of the pages. The average time that every user spent on the website was around 4 minutes. With all of that in mind, I think my website has been doing pretty well because by looking the audience overview, it showed me that at least 1-2 people came across my website on the daily and the math added up. They spent more than a minute on the website and at least read one of posts. I just wish that  there was more interaction.

Audience Location

This chart shows me the demographics of where my audience is coming from during this weeks audience. I am very happy to say that all of my viewer’s are Canadian and most specifically for the west coast because my website is supposed be for the pacific-west coast of BC.

All in all, my ratings do not surprise me because this website is running on it’s barebones and looking at my audience, I am happy that my content is reaching Vancouverites. It gives more than enough reason to keep up with the Vancouver related content on Confabulous Conversations. I want this website to grow, albeit, I do not want my content driven by algorithms because I feel like I will be stuck in this constant train of perfectionism, which is already bringing me down as a content creator.


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