Process Post 9

Process Post 9

New media works through convergence of new platforms and channels in order to create something more efficient and to bring in more users. Week 9 is all about bringing multiple channels into the everyday life of publishing. The intersectionality of channels and blogging comes through social media and a whole lot of linkage. My plan for bring on platform one platform that I really do is shaping up the lives on many content creators but it is also the most efficient way to bring in a following and Instagram happens to be the master of that. Instagram

I am a private person and therefore I do not feel comfortable with the idea of bringing my personal social media on this website because we know how the internet can get. Confabulous Conversation’s focuses on my love for Vancouver, not as me as Navreet. If I were to bring in Instagram onto this platform, it would be focused on Confabulous Conversations. The posts would correlate with the posts on the blog and since I do take most of my pictures for the blog, they would be featured on the Instagram as well.

I would try to integrate  all the elements of Instagram as possible to promote my blogposts as much as possible. Here is a breakdown.

The Process

Instastories: I would be using the Instastories to show my followers a sneak peak of future posts by posting the future images and integrating quotes from the blogposts as little snippets

Profile Highlights: This is more of a new feature on Instagram. They are stories that you can attach to your profile that do not go away. I would use the profile highlights to link my most viewed blog posts on my website because it’s is quick navigation to the website and it allows the user to come across two platforms that are linked to the Confabulous Conversation’s brand.

Posts: The posts on Instagram would allow my followers to gain a closer look to what my brand is and through the posts, it would allow me to best market myself as a person who is in love with Vancouver. I would be posting pictures of me in the process of creating Confabulous Conversations. The posts would feature pictures from the blog posts with a passage from the blogpost and the links to the blogposts at the bottom of the caption. The whole point of Instagram is to blog through the process of the pictures. I would be trying start a mini-series of picture that would correlate with the content on my website. An example being for my coffee shop reviews, I would bring the series to my Instagram by taking pictures of me in the coffee shop and then providing a short caption and then providing a link to blog post at the bottom of the caption. The Instagram picture would allow my followers to have a little window to access the bigger picture that would be available on my website.

Personal Process

I mentioned who uncomfortable I was with the idea of bringing elements of my personal life onto a platform such as this one. In order to gain an audience, I have no option but to start at a personal level but it wouldn’t be on the level of Confabulous Conversations. The most I would do to spread word about my blog is my posting videos of me saying that I have a new post on my website and providing a swipe up link to my posts. I would also encourage my friends to follow me on my Confabulous Conversation network so they have the opportunity to see me at a much more creative stand point.






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