Process Post 11

Process Post 11

And alas, the last week of school has approached us and so has my last post for PUB 101. This has been one hard semester, not going to lie. TheĀ  stress came about more personally rather than academically. With all actual stress out of the way, I am going to stress about the fact of community guidelines and online ethics, more so honing on to the ethics and guidelines I want my audience to follow on my website.

I am the type of person who cannot handle criticism from strangers online. They do not know me as a person (the reason why I keep my online life to me and my friends only), they do not know my affiliations, and they most certainly do not know where I come from. Content creator’s have a lot of gusto for keeping their comments open and eventually they have to get used to fact of people making assumptions like no tomorrow. I honestly do believe that people are very sad and have no reason but to pick on other’s to make themselves feel bigger. I do not want to encourage these behaviours on my platforms because I know that they will effect me emotionally because I do not have the filter to block out negativity due to my obsessive nature that is bought on by extreme anxiety.

Community Guidelines for Confabulous Conversations

  2. Feel free to express your views because there is a fine line between criticism and being a bigot
  3. Please delegate conversation as if you were talking to an actual person
  4. Feel free to interact with other member within the Confabulous Conversations space
  5. If I see any hateful comments amongst the interactions of users, consider both parties blocked
  7. Do not ask for my personal information in the comments
  8. There will be no “sliding into my DM’s”
  9. I encourage freedom of speech, so I am not strict against swearing but please do not direct it towards someone (your mother will find out)
  10. Do not plagiarize from my school assignments.







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